About Us Started as a machine shop since 2005, we provide custom precision machining services and high quality machined parts to customers worldwide,one-stop machining service is available here,including precision parts machining,aluminum and zinc alloy die casting,laser cutting,aluminum extrusion,gear cutting, mold design and high quality plastic injection. As a professional CNC machining workshop, we have centralized our focus on becoming a premier

Hot Products

    • Precision Aluminum Cnc Machining Prototype Parts

      Precision Aluminum Cnc Machining Prototype Parts

      precision aluminum cnc machining prototype parts With our extensive contract machining experience, we are able to quickly and effectively meet up with the unique prototype machining needs from our customers, and are committed to providing innovative solutions from design through production of...

    • Custom brass machined parts

      Custom brass machined parts

      Since foundation in 2005,YIQE Automation has now become a professional precision Rapid prototypes, rapid tooling and products, CNC precision machining parts factory.We have the ability to produce precision metal and plastic parts.Our custom machining service including CNC milling, CNC turning,grinding,wire EDM cutting, casting,bending, stamping, laser cutting and other metal fabrication etc.