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Custom  aluminum precision casting part manufacturer

Aluminum Die Casting is a process of injection of Aluminum or Aluminum Alloys under pressure, which produces parts in high volume at low costs, the normal aluminum we used for die castings is A380, the precision aluminum die casting parts are widely used in different areas.

Industries  served :

Automation and control engineering

Automotive and vehicle construction

Lighting industry

Electrical industry

Telecommunication industry

Packaging industry

Machine tool manufacturing

Medical technology

Paper and printing machinery

Custom machine design and manufacturing

A complete die casting cycle can vary from one second for small casting components to minutes for a casting of large part, which makes aluminum die casting the fastest technique available for producing high quality aluminum & aluminum alloy parts with high accuracy.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

*  A wide range of sizes and shapes can be realized with Economical process

*  To further refine the design,CNC Machining can be used, once needed

* Complex die casting parts with high dimensional accuracy and stability than other mass production processes

* Aluminum Die Cast parts can be manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces

*  Aluminum Die Cast parts are strong and have a long life span

It is always our commitment to provide customer the highest quality parts and components, precision die casting products, delivered on time, every time. We strive to build and sustain strong partnerships with our customers, based on trust and confidence. We conduct ourselves as an extension of our customers’organization.

Pls feel free to contact us for your aluminum die casting and custom machining needs!


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