1) Let's get started with an NDA.

Many customer are fully concerned how to keep their original design under confidentical?

Well,to be frank,we understand that it is important to protect their intellectural property , so we are willing to sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with the customer. 

2)What CNC machines and manucaturing processes do you use to produce the cutomized precision parts?

To manufacture your parts, we may use CNC milling, laser cutting machines,  wire EDM machines, plastic injection molding, sheet metal stamping, CNC turning, aluminum die casting or aluminum extrusion, and more.

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3)Do you offer surface finishing for custom metal parts?

Yes, normally the surface finish is done by our patners nearly, we offer a wide range of secondary finishing options, including anodizing(different colous),zinc/nickle/chrome plating ,bead blasting,powder coating/painting,brushing and grinding.

4)What's the minimm or maximum quantity of the order?

Well,we are flexible to handle any metal works, no matter you need precision aluminum machined parts, or stailess steel shaft,or custom laser cutting part,we have no limitations to quantity,from 1pc to thousands and more, pls feel free to contact us ragarding your special machining needs.

5)Is it possible to know how are my products going on without visiting your company?

Yes, most of our customers are from abroad, so normally, we offer a production schedule when start the order, and then will send weekly machining progress reports with pictures or videos.

6)ICan I require refund or discount if any defective parts found?

Well,we have rigid QC control and machining process control, so basically there is no chance to send poor quality parts to customers, but very rarely some parts may get damaged during shipment transfer, so we can get these parts remade ASAP or return the money to the customer.

7)What drawings format you need for production?

a. pdf files   b. CAD files  C. 3D files in .IGS ,STL,STP format

We use AutoCad, Solidworks, MasterCam,so we have no difficulty opening most of the drawings.

8)How to place orders?

a.Price quote (pls send drawings to get price offer first)

b.Price Negotiation 

c.Official PO issued

d.Deposit payment arrangement(40%-60%)

e.samples or mass production started

f.QC checking and shipment arrangement