Differential Bevel Gear With Straight Teeth

Differential Bevel Gear With Straight Teeth

Welcome to YIQE Automation, we have been in the machining field for nearly 20 years, we can produce high quality gear cutting,cnc milling machining parts and Differential Bevel Gear with Straight Teeth.

Product Details

Materialstainless steel,Nylon,Bakelite,Copper,Aluminium.etc
Production ProcessThe main process is Gear Milling and Gear Shaping, Selecting production process according to the different products.
Heat TreatmentCarburizing and quenching,Nitriding, Hardening and tempering, Selecting heat treatment according to the different materials.


Our products are widely used in golf serve machine, high frequency quenching machine,
digital integrated machine, barbecue machine, vending machine, medical equipment, automobile industry and other fields.

Shenzhen YIQE Automation CO.,LTD., established in 2005, is devoted to R&D, manufacturing and marketing of various of motors, such as DC geared motors, synchronous motors, planetary geared motors, shade pole geared motor, induction motors, worm geared motors and brushless motors, etc...Our products are widely used in household and office appliances, toys, roasters, vending, deposit, and arcade machines, timers, lamps, heaters, and many fields. Besides, we can research and develop new models as clients`request. 


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