Hot Sell Hobbing High Speed Parts Sun Steel Gear Shaft

Hot Sell Hobbing High Speed Parts Sun Steel Gear Shaft

Hot Sell Hobbing High Speed Parts Sun Steel Gear Shaft Welcome to YIQE Automation, we have been in the machining field for nearly 20 years, we can produce high quality machining parts,cnc milling machining parts and customized machining parts.

Product Details

Hot Sell Hobbing High Speed Parts Sun Steel Gear Shaft

Advantages of CNC machining

1.High precision machining quality.

2.Multi-coordinate linkage can be processed to machining complex shapes.

3.When to change the machining part, operator generally only need to change the CNC program which can save production preparation time.

4.High degree of automation to reduce labor intensity.

5.Full-featured, available for wide materials.

Product Specifications:


Material: Aluminum, A380, A356, ADC12, AlSi10Mg, 104, 102 etc. 

Dimension: According to the drawing or sample 


Casting equipment: 80T/160T/250T/300T/500Tcasting machine,Sand blasting machine,5T electri stove,Metallographic detector,Independent mould manufacturing 

Production Process: Polish/Sand Blast/EDM/Milling/Textured/Pre-Treatment/Quenching/Lathe/Wire Cut/Annealing/Temper etc. 

Equipment of Casting: 

1. High pressure die casting machining:125T/180T/250T/280T/500T/800T/1250T

2. Gravity casting machine: 5 production lines

3. Low pressure die casting machining: 1 production line

4. Sand casting machine: 6 production lines

5. Degassing equipment and opportunities to refine the material

6. Machining: 5Sets CNC Machines;3 sets Milling machines; 3 setsTurning machines; 10 sets drill and tap machines 

Why choices us?

 In China, we have more than 13 years of experience in processing foreign companies for foreign companies.

China manufacturer in Qingdao,not trade company

Competitive price and nice service

ISO/SGS passed

Application: Automotive,medical device, electronics, toy, furniture, industrial etc.

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