Planetary Gear Reducer For Industrial Machine Stepper Motors

Planetary Gear Reducer For Industrial Machine Stepper Motors

Welcome to YIQE Automation, we have been in the machining field for nearly 20 years, we can produce high quality gear cutting,cnc milling machining parts and Planetary Gear Reducer for Industrial Machine Stepper Motors.

Product Details

Product NameElectric Stepper Motor
DimensionsNema8(20mm), 11(28mm), 14(35mm), 16(39mm), 17(42mm), 23(57mm), 24(60mm), 34(86mm)
Step AngleDegree 0.9, 1.2, 1.8(Optional or Customized)
Torque( to 3.11, 5.7, 17, 41, 56, 85, 113, 425,
Rated Current (A/Phase)0.1A~10A
Typical ApplicationsInject Printers, Analytical and Medical Instruments, Textile Equipment, Embroidery Machine, Precision Telescope Positioning Systems, High Speed Dome Camera and Robotics

Our products are mainly used in valve industries.

We can provide many kinds of casting parts/stamping parts/machining parts and forging parts.


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