Plastic Gear, Ring Gear, Gear Wheel

Plastic Gear, Ring Gear, Gear Wheel

Welcome to YIQE Automation, we have been in the machining field for nearly 20 years, we can produce high quality gear cutting,cnc milling machining parts and Plastic Gear, Ring Gear, Gear Wheel.

Product Details

Product Info

For small items, mold cost as low as 550USD
New Material : Bio-degradable & Customized Material Availabl
2)Mould Cavity: Single or multi-cavities.
3)Mould material:Steel1045,P20,Cr12,DC53,H13 etc.
4)Surface Finish: Leather look , Rubber touching, chrome plating,silk-printing,texture,color painting etc.
5)Injection machine production ability:from 0.1g to 6000g
6)Application: Auto parts, Toys, Homeware,Home Appliances, Others
7) Bleow are our customers'OEM products, it's only for reference

Products Specification

  1. Good abrasion, heat and oil resistance.

  2. Good anti-aging performance and gas tightness.

  3. Ease of bonding to other material.

  4. Excellent oxygen and ozone resistance.

  5. Non-flammable,self-extinguish.



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