- Sep 02, 2017-

CNC machining is becoming more and more popular as a way to produce metal parts as well as plastic parts, as it allows machine shop to produce complex shapes which would be nearly impossible to manufacture by manual.

 There are a great many advantages to using CNC machines,including:

  • Nearly NO Rest: CNC machines can work 24 hours without stopping. They only stop working when maintenance or repair needed or setting programming.

  • Scalability: When programming is set for a CNC machine, it can execute large quantities – from thusands to more repetitions, while with incredible scalability.

  • Flexible Capabilities:  CNC machines can create outputs that cannot be replicated by manual machines. For some complex shapes, the conventional machines can not produce, while you can realize it by CNC machining.

   Save on Labour: For conventional  machine,it often only takes one person to monitor the work    of one machine. But for CNC machinine, one person can watch several machines work efficiently      for hours nearly the whole day once they get the programming set. Thus, will  save a lot on        manpower, helping you achieve a competitive advantage.

  • High Uniformity: Compared with conventional machines, CNC machine outputs match exactly. Even the most talented engineers have difficulty producing components in so high uniformity, but CNC machine can.

What is needed to operate CNC machine?

If you are considering a career in CNC Machining, it would be useful to have a background in mathematics, industrial arts and mechanical drafting, as well as computer usage.