What are the characteristics of CNC lathe machining?

- Dec 02, 2019-

What are the characteristics of CNC lathe machining?

Nowadays,CNC lathe Machining is widely used in the precision machining sector,custom aluminum cylinders, precision steel shaft or brass covers all can be machined and manufactured in this way.

The key advantages of CNC lathe lies in its high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, specialization, and high comprehensive cutting performance. It can make full and effective use of CNC equipment and reduce the processing auxiliary preparation time. Therefore, the cutting tools used on CNC lathes are different from those of conventional ordinary lathes.


The CNC lathe machine can work faster as the five tools and its two tail axes can work simultaneously during the lather machining processing, thus, the machining cost can be lowered down as well. By processing externally, spherical, conical, arc, step, grooving, drilling, tapping, die, embossing, cutting etc, some complex parts or structures can be machined by CNC lathe, and with high accuracy. As the automatic feeding is fully automated, all processing steps can be completed at one time,no manual operation is required,so more than one CNC lathe machines can be monitored by the worker at the same time.

CNC lathe machining is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine solutions. It has a wide range of processing properties, including precision straight cylinders, slanted cylinders, arcs and various threads. It has various compensation functions such as linear interpolation and circular interpolation, and has played a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.

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