How to choose machine tools for CNC machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

How to choose machine tools for CNC machine?

When selecting the tools for CNC machine during CNC machining processing, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

1) The type, specification and accuracy level of CNC tools should be able to meet the requirements of cnc lathe machining

2) High accuracy. Considering the requirements of high precision during CNC lathe machining and automatic tools change, the tools must have high precision.

3) High reliability

To ensure that accidental tool damage and potential defects will not affect the smooth processing of the CNC machining, the tool and its combined accessories must have good reliability and adaptability.

4) High durability

Whether in rough machining or high precision CNC machining, the cutting tools of CNC lathes, should have higher durability than the cutting tools used in ordinary machine tools, only in this way, the number of replacement or grinding of tools and tool setting times can be minimized, thereby improving the processing of CNC machine tools, and the efficiency and the quality of machined parts can be guaranteed as well.

5) Perfect performance in chips breaking and removing

During CNC machining,chips breaking and removal can not be handled manually in time as ordinary machine tools do. Chips are entangled around the tool and the workpiece, which can damage the tool and scratch the surface of the workpiece, and even cause injuries and equipment accidents.Thus ,safe operation of the machine tool requires the tool to have perfect performance in chips breaking and removing