CNC machine tools are widely used in the power equipment industry

- May 23, 2017-

Machine tool industry is the "machine tool", the development of the machine tool industry is directly related to the development of various industries, concerned about the machine tool industry, concerned about the needs of users, machine tool industry with the user needs to change, various industries will also be with the machine tool industry changes and development. Let us first look at the industry demand for machine equipment.


Aviation industry, the scope of the aviation industry is increasing, more and more products, its main products are divided into military aircraft, civil aircraft, airborne equipment, non-aviation equipment network category, the focus is the first two categories.

Aircraft manufacturing machine tools are mainly used for processing the engine, the fuselage as a key development object. This will inevitably lead to high reliability, large size, high-intensity CNC machine tools a large number of needs, including a variety of ultra-heavy CNC machine tools and plane, and five-axis CNC machine tools and composite machining machine. Can be expected, the energy industry restructuring and technological progress, is expected to deep pull the domestic processing equipment, technology upgrades.

Urban rail transit aspects of the Aspect is also very eye-catching, according to the State Council approved the first batch of urban rail transit project planning, to 2015 the planned line length is 2400km, the scale of investment of nearly 700 billion yuan. Rail equipment manufacturing areas of the main needs of the equipment is a large milling machine, grinding machines, heavy machine tools.