Composite processing is the new direction of CNC machine tools

- May 23, 2017-

China's machine tool industry is developing and improving rapidly. The development of machine tool industry has benefited from the rapid development of new technology in the machine tool industry. It has been widely used and promoted in basic technology, design and manufacturing process, high-end technology and new function development. Has made great progress. CNC system is the core of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools is the brain. Faster and stronger CNC system makes CNC machine tools with more powerful computing and processing capabilities, to complete more complex and sophisticated processing.


The composite function makes the CNC machine tool significantly improve the production speed of the finished product. Today's machining is more and more high precision, multi-variety, small batch, low cost, short cycle and complicated processing. The compound machining is an important Technology development direction. Many of the advantages of composite processing in the automation products and technology in the machine will be more widely used. High-speed and high precision is not just CNC machine tools to the workpiece processing speed to be high, but the production of higher precision products, but also requires CNC machine tools in the whole process of processing must be high-speed operation, precise positioning to reduce the workpiece In the preparation, processing, transportation, purchasing and storage and other aspects of the time occupied by a comprehensive increase in plant production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The composite function makes the CNC machine tool significantly improve the production speed of the finished product, which can greatly eliminate the transportation, clamping and waiting time in the process of the hash process, greatly shorten the processing cycle and reduce the number of products in the processing workshop. The workpiece has only one clamping position on the machine tool, which not only reduces the machining assist time but also improves the machining precision of the workpiece. Obviously, the composite processing machine is more demanding on the automation products. The realization of the composite function depends on the real-time detection and intelligent judgment of the workpiece and the tool, the data operation, the tool management and the system control. Highly sensitive probes, high-speed processing chips, smaller, faster response sensors and actuators and other automation products and technologies will be more widely used on the machine.