Development Trend of CNC Machining Tool for Aluminum Alloy Parts

- May 23, 2017-

With the increasing standard of living, people are more and more like metal texture of things, which makes aluminum products more and more used in many industries. Aluminum processing industry in the country is generally nothing more than ordinary machine tools, carved and CNC machining center processing completed. Choose the machine for the precision of aluminum and aluminum. Because of the special characteristics of aluminum, so no matter what kind of processing machines, tools for the current aluminum production industry in terms of efficiency, life of the workpiece gloss is often unsatisfactory.

The characteristics of aluminum are as follows: relative to steel and superalloy, it is a soft metal, HRC hardness is not high, but it is more tough. So the relative requirements of the tool is relatively speaking, higher, if the high hardness of the tungsten steel cutter to cut, will cut off the blade, and the tool life is very short. It requires the hardness is not high, and non-stick knife high-quality tools to complete the processing, the knife can only be so in order to improve the speed of the machine in order to improve efficiency. According to the international mold and metal plastic industry supplier Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui introduction, Zhongshan Ailang precision tool company brand division launched aluminum dedicated end mill, the use of German high-quality bar, specifically for the design of aluminum, grinding further resolved Processing aluminum material, aluminum parts generated in the burr, not bright, easy to wear tools and other issues, is committed to improving the metal processing of the gloss, precision, efficiency.

1, suitable for processing materials: aluminum and aluminum, aluminum, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, copper alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy

2, the effective removal of products around the burr, beryllium front problems, with good processing quality.

3, the use of high-rigidity knife body design, can inhibit the vibration, the workpiece surface accuracy, good gloss.

3, the unique edge of the groove design, is conducive to the excretion of iron, so that aluminum pieces of light without burrs.

4, negative rake angle, can maximize the suppression of the tip chipping

As the overall carbide cutting tool has a very sharp cutting edge and groove type, its aluminum alloy finishing in the cutting force is small, and has a large chip space, chip removal and other advantages, so the overall carbide control tool gradually replaced The traditional high speed steel tool.

In addition, the modulus of elasticity of the cemented carbide is about three times that of steel, which means that the overall carbide cutting tool is only one-third the amount of the indexable tool under the same load conditions. The overall carbide end mill can also be made into a spiral blade, so that it can be cut and cut smoothly, the chip is also very smooth and smooth, which will help reduce the cutting force fluctuations to inhibit the resulting Vibration trend.