How to maintain CNC machining center bearings

- May 23, 2017-

CNC machining centers are mainly used for machining parts. And the bearing has decided that the bearing capacity of a processing center is good or bad, if the bearing performance is good, the load will be large load, so we have to do the maintenance of the bearing daily, so as to maintain the performance of CNC machining center to maintain the most Good state, extended bearing life. So how does the CNC machining center maintain the bearings? Then we look at the next:

1, the first bearing into the gasoline cleaning, wipe the residue in the bearing on the sludge and dust, all the rusty bearing with gold sandpaper gently wipe polished, until the hand touch no rough feeling so far.

2, with dry rags will be washed after the cleaning of the bearing, and then into the anti-rust oil soak. In this process, the bearings should be completely in contact with the anti-rust oil, and non-stop bearing, so as to make anti-rust oil film formed on the surface of the bearing, to achieve the purpose of rust.

3, followed by lithium grease and butter evenly coated on the bearing surface, including the inner and outer rings, wheels, cage. And is wiped around the edge of the bearing, so that the butter really into the bearing inside, play a full lubrication.