Performance of Magni coating

- Apr 25, 2020-

Performance of Magni coating

1. Meet the needs of environmental protection

It does not contain toxic elements such as hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +), heavy metals (Cd, Pb), low VOC, and various water-soluble, heavy-duty anti-corrosion systems.

2. Lubrication function

MAGNI coating provides a friction coefficient that meets customer needs for automated processing. It is suitable for automotive industry standard parts and safety belt buckles.

3. Oil and solvent resistance

Used in automobile fuel tanks, brake hoses, etc. □ Scratch resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.

4. Heavy anti-corrosion

The aftermarket coating system provides anti-corrosion function through the wheels and fuel tank (b protection) coated with bimetallic corrosion.

5. Acid and alkali resistance

The special acid and alkali anticorrosion system can provide 15-35 cycle acid rain test. Suitable for auto parts, roofs and other parts with heavy anti-corrosion requirements.

6. Water-soluble heavy-duty anti-corrosion system meets the needs of environmental protection coatings.

7. Low film thickness 8-15μm thick coating area is large and economical.

8. No hydrogen embrittlement.

9. Energy saving

The curing temperature is 180-250 ℃, which is lower than the Duck rust 300-330 ℃. The aging time is 15-20 minutes faster than the Duck rust (30-35 points), saving energy.

10. Good winding performance

The coating has good winding properties and is suitable for lamination after coating.

Magni coating application

1. Braking system

2. Power transmission system

3. Various nuts

4. Wheels and other bolts

5. Chassis and engine fasteners

6. Oil injection pipe and other metal oil system

7. Door metal components

8. Cable ring

9. Heat-resistant system such as exhaust pipe