The development direction of CNC machine tools

- May 23, 2017-

Machine tool manufacturing industry can be said to a large extent determine the progress of China's precision machining industry and prospects, so the development of CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is almost the entire processing industry benchmark, in recent years, many domestic manufacturers have made a lot of Results, domestic machine tools have been in some areas into the global leading level. Today's people CNC machine tool manufacturing in what direction to develop it?

First, the reliability is maximized

At present, many domestic CNC machine reliability with some of the top foreign manufacturers of machine tools are still a certain gap, such as foreign CNC five-axis lathe can be maintained for 1500 hours of continuous operation without failure, and domestic products can only do continuous 1000 Hour without trouble. So we must be in the reliability of the next big work in order to catch up with imported machine tools.

Second, the control system miniaturization

Miniaturization is to be able to better combination of mechanical and electrical devices, take up less space, more convenient to install on the machine, but also more conducive to the use of CNC machine tools.

Third, intelligent

CNC machine tools can be based on changes in product operating conditions and automatically adjust the system parameters to ensure that the processing state to maintain the best, improve product efficiency. The device has the ability to self-diagnose and repair functions and take downtime when a failure occurs.

Fourth, high speed, high precision

Accuracy determines the quality of the workpiece, which reflects the speed of the product processing efficiency, improve the processing speed and precision CNC lathe, is an important direction of development.