Which parts are suitable for CNC machining and CNC lathe machining?

- Dec 06, 2019-

Which parts are suitable for CNC machining and CNC lathe machining?

CNC lathe machining is the most suitable machining solutions to handle with a variety of low and medium volume batch parts. With the gradual reduction of the manufacturing cost of CNC numerical control lathes, nowadays, whether it is domestic or foreign, CNC machining is also used in high volume machined parts machining. It is a good option to choose CNC machining to deal with small batches and single piece production if the program debugging time and tooling preparation time can be shortened.


High precision Machined parts.

With its good rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy, accurate tool setting and convenient dimensional compensation for CNC lathes, it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements.

Parts with high requirements in roughness

In the case where the material of the workpiece and the tool, the machining allowance and the tool angle are constant, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed. Normally,the CNC lathes have a constant speed and different cutting speeds for different diameters. For example, CNC lathes have a constant line speed cutting function. The same line speed can be used when turning the end face and outer diameters of different diameters to ensure that the surface roughness is small and consistent.

Parts with complex structures

CNC lathe machining has the function of circular interpolation, which can process various complex contour parts,any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or a circular arc.