High Quality CNC Precision Aluminum Machined Parts

Product Details

China quality cnc precision aluminum machined parts factory

Since foundation in 2005,we strived to a offer customer the widest possible choice in custom precision aluminum machining and volume for precision aluminum machined parts.

We provide custom machining, industrial parts, CNC manufacturing, and valve to actuator packages. With over 10 years of experience and quality equipment we provide a cost effective, precise, convenient location for all types of machining needs. From the way our custom aluminum parts are designed and engineered, to the way they’re precision machined, to the way they’re packaged, delivered and inventoried, no detail is too small. With highly skilled machinists and precision CNC machining center, we can handle custom aluminum machined parts with high accuracy for large and small volume projects.

We offer CNC turning and milling capabilities with quick turnarounds. YIQE Automation is a complete machine shop, offering custom machining services to a variety of industries.

Industries  served :

Automation and control engineering

Automotive and vehicle construction

Lighting industry

Electrical industry

Telecommunication industry

Packaging industry

Machine tool manufacturing

Medical technology

Paper and printing machinery

Custom machine design and manufacturing

Main Machining Service

Low/High volume production

Process validation samples/test pieces

Laser marking/laser engraving/etching


Complete machining and assembly services

Supply Chain Management

Product launches

Machined parts & prototypes

design for manufacturing

We’ll gladly take the technical design or blueprint and manufacture custom precision aluminum machined parts to your specifications in our machine shop.We would be happy to discuss any of your custom CNC machined parts requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours. 


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