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precision machined aluminum parts & cnc aluminum machined parts

Located in Shenzhen, YIQE Automation excels in manufacturing tight tolerance precision machined aluminum component parts for our customers.We are also suitable for prototype and precision aluminum parts machining. We have the ability of CNC milling & turning, welding and assembly, which offer quicker turn around time for prototyping, production, repair or finish machining to each customer.

As a professional machining service provider for close tolerance CNC milled and turned parts. Our industry expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and talented workforce allow us to manufacture large , complex aluminum metal components with high accuracy.

We provide custom machining, industrial parts, CNC manufacturing, and precision anodized aluminum parts to different customers. With 10 years of experience and quality equipment we have the ability to provide a cost effective, precise machining for all types of custom machining needs.

Machining type

Precision Machining

Medical Machining

Precision CNC machining

OEM parts CNC machining

CNC Swiss Machining

Brass Machining

Complex Part Machining

Large CNC Machining

CNC Milling and Turning

Precision Contract Manufacturing

To give you more complete parts and components that require less additional processing on your end, we can also provide numerous specialty finishes, including:

Zinc plating

Chrome plating

Nickel plating




and more

Industries  served :

Automation and control engineering

Automotive and vehicle construction

Lighting industry

Electrical industry

Telecommunication industry

Machine tool manufacturing

Medical technology

Paper and printing machinery

Custom machine design and manufacturing

Packaging industry

We offer superior quality precision aluminum CNC machined parts at competitive prices as well as reliable, on-time deliveries and personalized customer service.If you are looking for an experienced cnc machine shop specialized and focused on precision and ultra precision CNC machining, YIQE Automation will be the right one to choose!


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