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China custom aluminum alloy cnc machining parts factory

YIQE Automation is a progressive machining parts manufacturer of custom CNC machined products, specializing in aluminum alloy CNC Turning and Milling. We use the latest state-of-the-art CNC Multi-Axis Equipment to produce high quality aluminum alloy machining parts applied in different areas.

We aim to provide a complete and quality product with a wide range of materials and processes, allowing our customers a "One Stop Service" for all their custom CNC manufacturing needs. We are always searching for ways to improve our machining process and efficiencies in our daily operations to meet our customers' everchanging needs. We can handle everything from prototype runs all the up to full production quantities on parts. Our precision machining capabilities can meet up with the requirements of a diverse customer base, including clients in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries. 

Materials that can be Machined

Alloy Steels

Aluminum Alloys


Carbon Steels

Copper Alloys

Many types of plastic, Rubber & Acrylic

Stainless Alloys

Super Alloys

Tool Steels

Our Products & Machining Services

Precision Machining

Milling Services


Aluminum Die Casting Services

Laser Cutting Services

Drilling Services

Aluminum Extrusion Services

Metal Fabrication Services

Fixtures & Jigs

Grinding Services


Inspection Services

Custom machine Shop Services

Precision CNC Manufacturing Services

Prototyping Services

Turning Services

Welding Services

Precision Machined Parts

We have an extensive network of subcontractors to handle all metal finishing, anodizing,heat treating, powder coating, heat treatment ,welding or third party inspections which may be required to complete your precision aluminum machining parts. We will try to find a good machining solutions to reduce your contract manufacturing component costs as much as possible.


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