Custom Precision Aluminum 6061 CNC Lathe Turning Parts Machine Shop

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custom precision aluminum 6061 cnc lathe turning parts manufacturer

YIQE Automation is metal processing company, providing: CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC bending, CNC sheet bending, CNC punching, CNC turning, CNC drilling, CNC sheet metal working, contract CNC manufacturing and machining, grinding,metal machining, steel welding, metal stamping, manufacturing welded constructions, heat treatment, stainless steel machining,  plastic machining, welded structures production.Welded constructions in steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

We are a leading supplier of precision aluminum machining, metal turning, coating for OEM industry and custom machine manufacturers.With our precision CNC machining center, we have the ability to do machining for aluminum milling and lathe turning in 6061, 7075,5052 and 5083, the custom aluminum turning parts we produced can meet with or exceed expectations from customer in quality and accuracy. Our production is custom made to meet the requirement of the end-users according to the specific working conditions.

Machining type

Precision Machining

Medical Machining

Precision CNC machining

OEM parts CNC machining

CNC Swiss Machining

Brass Machining

Complex Part Machining

Large CNC Machining

CNC Milling and Turning

Precision Contract Manufacturing

The material we we can handle with:

Metal:Stainless Steel ,Aluminium, Brass,Bronze, Copper,Steel,etc.


Surface finish:

Aluminum parts

Stainless Steel parts



Clear Anodized


Zinc plating

Plating gold (ABS)

Color Anodized


Black Oxide


Sandblast Anodized


Nickel plating

Brushing (Acylic)

Chemical Film

Laser engraving

Chrome plating

Laser engraving

Our main objective of our company is to make our customers high quality and reasonably priced parts and mechanisms that fully comply with their requirements and standards. We welcome your RFQs for single or low quantity custom aluminum parts that require tight tolerances. We can also provide grinding and high precision aluminum lathe turning machining in our machine shops.


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