What Are The Requirements For Precision Parts Processing?

- May 23, 2017-

Precision parts processing industry standards are very strict, when the processing of a knife, a knife and other different processes. The size will be based on the product has different specific needs, processing accuracy requirements will be different, in general, precision machining accuracy requirements are very high, and sometimes even accurate to 1mm under the number of micron differences, size, if the difference between the big products It will become a waste, you need to rework to meet the requirements, the process is very time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes make all the raw materials scrapped, resulting in increased costs, while parts must also be unable to use, so there are many precision parts processing required. What are the requirements for precision parts processing? The following is the general manager of Rui Sheng Technology Mr. Xu Xiaogang's answer:

(1) usually in order to ensure the accuracy of parts processing, rough parts and precision machining parts must be separated to run, because the rough parts processing and precision parts processing of cutting, clamping force, heat, the workpiece suffered cutting force The precision of precision machined parts is lost due to the difference in stress if roughing and precision machining are carried out continuously.

(2) the rationality of equipment selection. Rough parts of the processing requirements of the processing accuracy is not high, but the main processing margin cutting, so precision machining requirements in a very high precision machining machine.

(3) in the precision parts processing technology route, often arranged with heat treatment process. The location of the heat treatment process is as follows: In order to improve the cutting performance of the metal, such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, the general arrangements for mechanical parts before processing.

(3) In general, precision parts processing almost all heat treatment process, heat treatment process can improve the metal cutting performance.