What Is Die Casting

- Dec 18, 2019-

Die casting is a process of metal casting, by use of a mold cavity, high pressure will be applied to molten metal . Normally,The mold cavity is built with high grade alloys,this process is similar to plastic injection. Different materials can be used as raw material to die casting except iron, such as zinc,copper,aluminum,magnesium,lead,tin ,lead etc.A cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine will be selected, depends on which type of die casting will be chosen.

As the die casting equipment and mold is very expensive ,the process of die casting can only be used to produce high volume die casting parts.It is relatively easy to make high quality die-casting components with very low cost.Die casting is used to make medium and small size castings.That’s why the die casting is the most widely used methods of casting process .Compared with other casting technology,the surface of die casting are more smoother and higher dimensional consistency.

The part produced by die casting are known as die castings. The material of tensile strength are twice higher than common cast alloy. So it is used to manufacture automobile wheels,frames and other parts which higher strength and impact resistant materials are required.There are two kinds of die casting machines,hot chamber die casting machine and cold chamber die casting machine,the difference between them is how much force they can suffer,the typical pressure ranges from 400 to 4000 tons. 

1)Hot chamber die casting machine

It is also called goose-neck die casting,which is a molten state of liquid ,semi-liquid metal in the metal pool,and then the molten liquid will be filled into the mold under pressure.Normally, zinc alloy,tin and lead can be used as raw material .Moreover,it is used to produce small die casting parts a lot,as it is difficult to make large castings by hot chamber die casting.

2)Cold chamber die casting machine

Cold chamber die casting machining is another die casting solution with various raw material, such as aluminum,magnesium,copper,and zinc alloys with high percentage of aluminum.In this process,the metal is first melted in a separate crucible, and then a certain amount of molten metal will be  transferred to an unheated injection chamber or nozzle.Next, under hydraulic or mechanical pressure,the metal will be injected into the mold.As the molten metal needs to be transferred into the cold chamber ,it is the biggest disadvantage that the cycling time seems very long.