What Parts can be machined by CNC Lathes?

- Jul 03, 2019-

By using the CNC lathes and precision machining control,Most parts can be machined by CNC lathes, such as steel shaft parts, stainless steel parts, aluminum housing parts,brass parts, titanium parts, nylon parts,aluminum die casting parts, large CNC machined parts etc

CNC lathes in the processing enterprises in the use of particularly large, almost can be said that CNC lathe equipment determines the strength of a processing enterprise, which is because the CNC lathe can be processed more than the average number of lathes, then CNC lathe can process which parts?

All parts that can be machined on an ordinary lathe can be machined with a CNC lathe because the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe is relatively high and the speed can be automatically adjusted during the machining process. The range of the process is much wider than that of the ordinary lathe.

CNC lathes compared to ordinary lathes its rigidity is stronger, and the knife is more accurate, can be very convenient and accurate into the compensation. So the CNC lathe can handle the workpiece size accuracy will be higher, so the general CNC lathe is used to process the workpiece to high precision requirements.

CNC lathe constant speed cutting, to the best speed of the workpiece cutting, so CNC lathe processing of the workpiece surface roughness is relatively small, and the quality is very uniform.