CNC Machine Shop Custom Machining Online Service

Product Details

CNC machine shop custom machining online service

Our focus is providing our customers an outstanding machining services. We can manufacture complex medical device components from metals and plastics, fast online machining service is available as well. In our CNC machine shop,We provide our customers with a partnership for manufacturing precision parts.

Main machining service:

Project Management: taking customer drawings/specifications, bill of materials, best and cost effective machining solution, and cost estimates.

Quality Control/Part Inspections

Drafting services, using AutoCAD

Precision CNC machining

Laser Cutting

Metal stamping

Welding and assembly

3-axis CNC Machining Centers

Different technical design:


CAD Drawings


Existing Parts or Products

Industry Focus

Aerospace                  Architectural

Automotive/Transportation    Packaging/Converting

Chemical                   Military

Electronic                  Food Packaging

Robotics                    Medical

Intended Applications

Barriers                      Insulators

Brackets                     transmission parts

Bus Bar Supports      Guide Rails

Bushings                    Gaskets

Covers                         Fuse Plates

Display Panels           Flanges

End Caps                    Fixtures

We aim to identify the most cost-effective solution to the specific machining needs of each customer. Through online machining service,our team are on hand to help with any custom CNC machining requirements , please feel free to contact us for any machine shop services.