4 Axis CNC Machining Anodized Metal Parts Products

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4 axis cnc machining parts & cnc machining anodized parts

Here in YIQE Automation, with our precision 4 axis CNC machining center and CNC turning center,we are able to provide you various precision machining parts,from rapid prototyping, high or low volume CNC production runs to anodized complex CNC machining parts , The tolerances of our precision machined parts can reach up to +/- 0.005mm.

With more and more of our customers looking for precision custom cnc machining service as they explore and develop new business opportunities, we’ve expanded our precision component manufacturing capabilities from 3 axis CNC machining to 4 axis CNC machining and production capacity in order to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions and more value-added services to each customer.

Industries Served

· Aerospace

· Agriculture Equipment

· Architectural Equipment and Parts

· Automation

· Cameras

· Commercial Printing

· Food, Dairy and Fishery

· Material Handling

· Medical

· Mining

· Packaging

· Performance Automotive

· RC Devices

· Sports and Recreation

Precision Machining processes :

· Turning

· Milling

· Drilling

· Boring

· Tapping

· Threading

· Thread milling

We have the knowledge and precision CNC machining center to do a large variety of complex CNC machining work & have close relationships with various vendors to provide value-added services.

Pls feel free to contact us if you need any precision anodized aluminum parts and 4 axis CNC machining service, we will try to send the best offer within 48 hours.