CNC Machining Custom Mechanical Shaft Parts

Product Details

Custom cnc machining medical parts & motorcycle parts & precision shafts

YIQE Automation has expertise in custom CNC Turning and Milling a wide variety of materials ranging from plastics ,steel to aluminum. With our skilled worker ,we can provide custom professional machining services and tackle the toughest projects, such as precision medical parts ,aerospace cnc machining parts and custom motorcycle parts.

We pride ourselves on providing benefit to our customers by offering cost effective suggestions from prototypes to mass production. Providing both precision CNC milling and CNC lathe  turning capabilities enables us to provide a one stop solution to our customers for all of their requirements on custom machining parts.

Industries Served


·*Agriculture Equipment

·*Architectural Equipment and Parts



·*Commercial Printing

·*Food, Dairy and Fishery

·*Material Handling

·*precision Medical components

·*precision transmission shafts


·*Performance Automotive

·*RC Devices

·*custom motorcycle parts

Materials available:

·Aluminum (including alloys 2011, 2024, 6061, 6063, 7075)

·Brass (including alloys 260 and 360)

·Bronze (including silicon bronze)

·Steel (including alloys 1018, 12L14, 4140)

·Stainless steel (including alloys 303, 316, 416, 440, 17-4)


·Delrin (POM )





We assure you that we will meet and exceed your expectations with consistent quality and performance. We will try to send the best offer for your machining needs on custom medical parts and motorcycle components within 48 hours.