Custom CNC Precision Metal Parts Machining

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Custom cnc precision metal parts machining

Since Foundation, YIQE Automation has been providing high quality machine shop services and precision metal parts manufacturing to clients worldwide for over 10 years.We can supply custom metal parts to a variety of OEM Industries. This includes precision fabricated, CNC machined and CNC turned metal parts for mechanical equipment and medical devices. Such equipment requires highly accurate metal components and YIQE Automation provides the high quality metal components with best pricing possible.

We offer professional and reliable metal parts machining services. Our workers have extensive experience with custom machining parts in the different industries. We also help our customers with:

New Product Development and Rapid prototype

Mechanical Assembly

Part Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Production of Electronics components

Laboratory Equipment and Products

Lighting Solutions

Equipment Mounts

Medical equipment

Research Equipment

We can Make Your custom metal parts, and in the Quantities you Need from all kinds of materials, including:





High volume metal parts can be produced consistently, which results in lower costs to clients.In fact ,quality assurance is a always our top priority of all. With our experienced staff, we have the ability to import almost any CAD/CAM file for programming directly into our machines, thus, to save time and cost for the customer.

We’ll gladly take the technical design or blueprint and manufacture custom metal parts to your specifications in our very well-equipped shop.We would be happy to discuss any of your custom machined parts requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.