High Accuracy Custom CNC Machining Complex Parts Components

Product Details

High quality precise cnc machining complex parts

YIQE Automation has been operating for more than ten years, originally established for custom precision CNC machining services,specialized in contract CNC machining and custom metal parts machining.

We have latest solid modelling and Auto CAD to assist with design and detailing of your needs on complex CNC machining components.At YIQE Automation we specialize in all aspects of the CNC machining services including; welding services, sheet metal fabrication, design, laser cutting, machinery installation and Automation solutions. We have vast experience in Stainless Steel ,Mild steel , aluminum and brass.

Whether you need a new machine or just mechanical parts, YIQE Automation can provide solutions to your business needs. Our services include complete new machine design and construction, engineering and prototype development, contract assembly, custom metal work, and welding.

Materials available:

Aluminum Bronze
Hardened Steel

Stainless Steel(all grades)
Tool Steels(H13,S7,P20,D2,O1,A2, M2)




Types of Parts Made / Serviced

· Adaptors

· Adjusters

· Assemblies

· Axles

· Back Plates

· Brackets

· Bushings

· Camera Parts

· Sleeve

· Spacers

· Specialized Clamps

· Stand-offs

· Studs

· Testing Fixtures

· Valve Parts

· Welding Fixtures

Our mission is to provide flexible, cost-effective and timely solutions to our each customers’ precision machining and custom machined part needs.

We would be happy to discuss any of your metal machining service requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.