High Accuracy Small Metal CNC Parts Machining in Shenzhen

Product Details

China precision small metal cnc parts machining factory

YIQE Automation specializes in manufacturing complex precision metal products, in volumes ranging from a few pieces to thousands pieces.We manufacture surface mount, through-hole, and custom precision machining products all under one roof. We offer turnkey manufacturing services, as listed below.

Machining processes :

• Turning

• Milling

• Drilling

• Boring

• Tapping

• Threading

• Thread milling

• Broaching

• CNC Laser Cutting

• CNC Punching

• Secondary Milling Operations

• Welding – Mig, Tig and Arc

• Spot Welding

• Grinding and Tumbling

• Sand Blasting

• Chem Film

• Hardware Installation

• Fully Integrated and Mechanical Assembly

We are an engineering company specialising in the precision metal parts Machining – custom parts of various material to customer specifications. Here,your parts can be Turned or Milled as well as Routed and Fabricated. Welding, Polishing and Assembly are just value-added service. Whether you require Precision metal parts, custom CNC machining, Production Batches or just some advice. YIQE Automation are more than willing to help.

We would be happy to discuss any of your precision machining needs on custom small metal parts requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.