Precision Custom Aluminum 6061 CNC Machining Parts Components Manufacturer

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Precision custom aluminum 6061 cnc machining parts components manufacturer

YIQE Automation is a professional CNC machining & manufacturing engineering company in China who has experience in precision machining Super Alloys, Stainless Steels, Bronze, Aluminium 6061/7075/5083, PTFE, Steels.

We are committed to provide custom aluminum parts machining solutions as "one-stop" to different areas, including Aerospace, Medical, Food, Motorsport, robotics and OEM Industries.

Components available in various materials

·  Stainless steel components

·  CNC Machined Components

·  Electronics Metal components

·  4 Axis Machined Components

·  precision aluminum 6061 components

·  CNC Turned components

·  Motorsport Engine components

·  custom Components manufacturer

·  Telecom machined components

·  Aerospace components

·  complex CNC machined components

·  Special components Machining

All CNC Machined Parts can be given extra treatments such as:



Powder coating


Heat treatment


Bead blasting

Other specific precision aluminum 6061 machining services such as milling, turning, drilling, tapping and thread milling are also available at request and there are wide ranges of alternative precision machining services to meet with custom parts machining needs.

We offer help and advice to customers with queries and questions regarding any of custom precision machining services,  Our Skilled technicians and professionals are available for instant communication and will try to send the best and cost effective solution to you.


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