Precision Mechanic Machining Valve Body Spare Parts

Product Details

Precision mechanic machining spare parts & valve body parts

As a full service machine shop, our precision machined mechanical parts are widely used in  automotive, robotic, food processing, and OEM industries.

Our extensive and approved partners supply us with all exotic components and mechanical spare parts that your product may require. From fixtures, sheet metal processing, die casting and custom parts, to high volume CNC machining job. we have the confidence and capability to meet with and exceed customer expectations.Our fast turn-around on quotes will save you plenty of time to make a decision and start your project. Emergency rush orders is also available to reduce down time as much as possible for the client.


Precision CNC milling machining

Custom metal parts producing

High quality CNC lathe turning

Laser cutting

Sheet metal stamping

Precision aluminum die casting

Types of Parts Made / Serviced


·valve body parts







·Specialized Clamps



·Testing Fixtures

·Valve Parts

·Custom Washers








·Hydraulic Manifolds


We hope the above is acceptable and look forward to become an approved supplier of your precision machined components. We will respond with a best offer for your need on mechanic machining spare parts & valve body parts.