Small Precise CNC Micro Machining Metal Parts

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Small precise cnc micro machining metal parts 

Our commitment is to provide to high quality machined metal parts to each client.Such belief is rooted in a long standing tradition of taking care of each one of our customers, no matter the size of metal parts order. Our team is careful to check the tight tolerance and the best machining solution possible so that the order can be finished correctly the first time and can be completed within the budget.

With our professional machining ability, we can handle different quantities that customer needed, from rapid prototype and short run production work to high volume metal parts machining.

YIQE Automation can help your business with all of its high precision CNC machining needs. Custom CNC milling and CNC turning services using various material from metals to plastics for mass production, short run batches and prototypes is possible here. We can assist with all of your machining needs no matter you are R&D firm, inventor, engineer or large corporation. Yiqe Automation will be your best choice If you are looking for high precision, high quality CNC micro machining with short lead times,

Industries Served


·Agriculture Equipment

·Architectural Equipment and Parts



·Commercial Printing

·Food, Dairy and Fishery

·Material Handling




·Performance Automotive

·RC Devices

·Sports and Recreation

post-machining finishing and processing :

·Heat treating

·Plating (including nickel, chrome, zinc)

·Anodizing (including hard anodizing, color anodizing)

·Bead blasting



No job is too large or too small. We can handle anything from prototypes to big productions.

Pls feel free to contact us if you need any precision CNC micro machining and custom small metal parts, we will try to send the best offer within 48 hours.