High Quality Precision Metal Parts CNC Machining Service

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Precision metal parts CNC machining manufacturer

YIQE Automation: Our Level of Machining Service is Unlimited

With our skilled worker committed to paying careful attention to every detail, we can assure customer superior quality and workmanship on each order. Various high precision metal parts and components have been manufactured by our skilled mechanist for years. We are pride ourselves in custom CNC machining service with tight tolerance.

We are able to provide almost any process necessary to manufacture different precision metal parts either through our in-house capabilities or using our comprehensive, carefully approved partner network.

Contact us if you need the following services: 

Precision CNC Machining metal parts(CNC or manual) 

Custom metal parts CNC Milling (CNC or manual) 

Precision lathe Turning metal parts 

Wire EDM 

Reverse Engineering 

Precision sheet metal Assembly 

Powder Coating, Plating, Painting and Anodizing (outside process)

Let the professionals at YIQE Automation handle the your custom need on precision metal components, when you need to manufacture high quality machine parts with a quick turnaround.

Pls feel free to contact us if you need any precision metal parts and custom metal machining service, we will try to send the best offer within 48 hours.