OEM Hardware Components Stamping Parts

OEM Hardware Components Stamping Parts

OEM Hardware Components Stamping Parts At present, we have many complete production line and more than 15 years of experience engineers, we have the ability to produce custom welding parts, such as steel welding parts, aluminum welding parts, OEM and custom orders are acceptable.

Product Details

OEM Hardware Components Stamping Parts

Product nameOEM Hardware Components Stamping Parts
Sizecustomized   We need your drawings in CAD, 3D or PDF. Or you send us your sample, we draw for you.
Fabrication  processesGetting your order - Caculating material QTY needed & open tooling  - Material stock - Fabrication dawings - Material laying off - Stamping - fix the burrs - surface treatment - quality inspection - packing.
Surface treatmentPolishing, Zinc plating, Powder coating, Chrome plating, Nickel plating.
ApplicationIndustry, Electrical industry, Mining industry, mechanical, metals, components for furniture, auto, machines etc.


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