Plastic Soft Material Precision CNC Carbon PTFE Machining

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PTFE machining & Acetal machining & CAD Machining

YIQE Automation is a professional manufacturer capable of making custom-made machined parts used for prototypes or replacement parts, ranging from turned parts, shafts, high quality metal components to other custom metal parts.Our products are used by various industries ranging from the automotive industry, automation as well as equipment and machinery manufacturing to the food industry. Operations consist of turning, threading, drilling, milling, bending, broaching and welding.

Specializing in Custom precision Parts, Replacement Parts, Prototypes and Emergency orders.Our high-quality cnc milling services provide high precision components that meet the most exact specifications and the tight tolerances.Our precision CNC milling centers enable us to efficiently manufacture custom components for the customer, such as







Our processes:

CNC turning

Precision milling

gear cutting




sheet metal fabrication & assembly

special machine construction


We would be happy to discuss any of your CAD machining and custom machined parts requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.