Precision Rapid Large 3D CNC Machining Factory

Product Details

Rapid cnc machining & advanced cnc machining

As a rapid cnc machining manufacturer of custom precision metal parts, We have the capability to manufacture all types of machined parts.we can offer in-house manufacturing from bar stock to various high quality metal components. Driven by quality and service, we are committed to quality precision metal parts, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

Our customers range from the automotive industry, Automation to various types of custom metal parts for OEM machines.We try to satisfy all of our customers by meeting their daily needs. In an emergency, parts can be produced and shipped in 2-3 days. We will do everything possible to get you up and running fast.

For our customers, the following value-added services can be offered by YIQE Automation:

· * Packaging: safety pacakage or custom package required by customer

·  *Labeling: Design / Production

·  *Product Specific Fixturing

·  *In-House Tool Room Services

·  *Custom Fixture Design / Build

Types of Parts Made / Serviced

· Adaptors

· Adjusters

· Assemblies

· Axles

· Back Plates

· Brackets

· Bushings

· Camera Parts

· Cam-shafts

· Caps 

· Connecting Rods

· Connectors

· Couplings

· Covers

· Customs Clamps

· Custom Assemblies

· Custom Fasteners

· Custom Washers

· Fixtures

We would be happy to discuss any of your rapid CNC machining requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.