Professional Custom CNC Machine Cutting Service Bow Spare Parts

Professional Custom CNC Machine Cutting Service Bow Spare Parts

Welcome to YIQE Automation, we have been in the machining field for nearly 20 years, we can produce high quality machining parts,cnc milling machining parts,Professional Custom CNC Machine Cutting Service Bow Spare Parts and customized machining parts.

Product Details


Materials: iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, alloy steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel with various plating
Standard/specification: customized
Surface treatment: zinc-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, painted or others
Professional tooling design as per drawings and samples

Shenzhen YIQE Automation CO.,LTD is a global manufacturer of  cnc precision machining parts and is dedicated to becoming a world first-class provider of cnc parts and service.


• Light Weight, Less Density

• High Strength

• High Corrosion Resistance

• Superior Dimensional Stability

• Wide Temperature Range Use

• Consistent Cross Section

• Lasting Performance


1,we have a design and R&D team who has 15 years of experience for the design and installation of stents.

2,we have hundreds of different stents,including ground support system,roof support system.Different types of system can combine with different foundation ,(concrete pile,impact pile,spiral pile) and different material (full steel,steel and aluminum mixture,special materials),the customer can choose freely.

3,we can design simple,high stength,portable,low cost stents as fast as we can ,according to the requirements.

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