Quality Rapid CNC Prototype Machining Service

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Industrial Prototyping Services & rapid cnc prototyping

YIQE Automation provides industrial prototyping and rapid prototyping services to various customer from abroad. Our rapid prototyping machining capabilities consist of CNC lathe turning, threading, drilling, precision milling and welding. When a customer need custom metal parts, but the quantity is small, or when a customer is trying to accomplish and test different design results, rapid prototyping will be a good choice.

Rapid prototypes of parts will be made and used to test different ideas and design. To accomplish a desired prototype or get an existing product improved, some changes might be applied. The changes included lengths change, thread pitches, size and material. Rapid prototyping will be accomplished by expediting every step of the processes of manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping Materials

Various material can be chosen for rapid prototype. Pls feel free to contact us on any special material not listed below:

Material Type



Carbon Steel Alloys

AISI 1018

screw machine parts, shafts, spindles, pins, rods, and sprocket assemblies

Medium Steel Alloys

AISI 1045

Used for gears, shafts, axles, bolts sand studs

Alloy Steel

AISI 4140

Gear, shafts, spindles, fixtures, jigs and collars

Alloy Steel

AISI 8640

Aircraft parts, gears, screws, axles, and hand tools

Stainless Steel


Electronic, transportation, medical and aerospace components

Stainless Steel


Threaded fasteners, components for food processing equipment

Stainless Steel


Pings, screws, and fasteners

Heat Treatable Stainless Steel

17-4 PH

Gears, fasteners, springs, food processing machinery, aircraft engine parts



Lightweight applications



Aerospace components, fittings, couplings, and valves



Screw machine parts, couplings, bushings, connectors, fittings,electronic components, switches, nuts, bolts, and valve components

We would be happy to discuss any of your rapid prototype requirements, all the quotes will be answered within 48 hours.