Small Mechanical Aluminum Parts CNC Machining

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Aluminum parts cnc machining & small parts machining

YIQE Automation is a fully equipped machine shop with a quality driven team which has been manufacturing various aluminum parts and small mechanical components for years. Here, we can manufacture any of your need on aluminum machining parts and small metal parts with the quality you deserve and lead-time you expect.

Our duty,Precision CNC Machining to customer specifications, specializing in complex geometries and tight tolerances in challenging different materials and order volume. Materials used  include brass, aluminum, stainless steel(304,316), bronze, and plastics. Quantities range from just a few pieces to thousands of pieces, rapid prototype is available as well.

The aluminum machined parts and small components we produced include manifolds, enclosures, blocks, spacers as well as forgings and castings that require post-casting machining of threads and ports.

Post-machining finishing and processing

· Heat treating

· Plating (including nickel, chrome, zinc etc.)

· Anodizing ( hard anodizing, color anodizing)

· Bead blasting

· Black oxidation

· Passivation

· Powder Coating

· Painting

machining processes

· CNC lathe Turning

· Precision Milling

· Drilling

· Boring

· Tapping

· Threading

· Thread milling

· Broaching

Pls feel free to contact us if you need any precision aluminum parts and custom small metal parts, we will try to send the best offer within 48 hours.


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