Custom CNC Engineering Metal Work Order

custom CNC engineering metal work order YIQE Automation is a professional CNC machining & manufacturing engineering company in China who has experience in precision machining Steel Alloys, Stainless Steels, Bronze, Aluminum 6061/7075/5083, PTFE, Steels. Custom metal work with high quality is...

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custom CNC engineering metal work order

We are committed to provide custom metal parts machining solutions as "one-stop" machine shop , our precision metal components are applied to different areas, including Aerospace, Medical, Food, Motorsport, robotics and OEM Industries.Over the years ,YIQE Automation has developed a vast network of relationships with local suppliers and vendors, expanding our ever growing list of capabilities.

Our Products & Machining Services

Precision Machining

Milling Services


Aluminum Die Casting Services

Laser Cutting Services

Drilling Services

Aluminum Extrusion Services

Metal Fabrication Services

Fixtures & Jigs

OEM Components & Parts

Grinding Services


Inspection Services

Custom machine Shop Services

Precision CNC Manufacturing Services

Prototyping Services

Turning Services

Welding Services

Precision Machined Parts

Custom Plastic Parts

Materials for CNC Machining:

Steel / Stainless Steel / Steel Alloys

Aluminum / Aluminum Alloys




Die Castings


If you need CNC Milling Service, CNC Turning Service, Mechanical Parts Design, Parts Assembly, EDM-Wire Cutting, Precision Grinding, Swiss Turning Machining, Auto-Lathing Turning, and Die Casting+Machining, YIQE Automation will be the right one to choose.


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