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China custom aluminum cnc turned parts manufacturer

We are specializing in both Prototype and Production machining of aluminum turned parts.It is our goal is to deliver custom aluminum parts that meet or exceed our customers' expectations as well as offer best machining solutions for CNC manufacturing and ultimately reduce production costs.

Since foundation,we have been providing high quality metal parts from small to mid-sized both locally and worldwide serving a wide range of industries such as Medical,  Robotics, automotive, and molding companies. We Pride ourselves in our machine shop and always work to improve our customer satisfaction through continued improvement on time delivery and the highest quality cnc machined parts.With our dependable and dedicated team of experienced machinists, we can meet almost all your precision CNC manufacturing needs.

The custom parts we can produce, including sub-assemblies from a variety of materials specializing in aluminum and stainless steel and capable of machining copper, brass, high tech plastics, nickel and high nickel alloys, castings, forgings and many others.

Custom Component & Parts

threaded inserts                       

knurled inserts                       


brass inserts                          

press-in inserts                       

mold-in inserts                    

Hardware fittings






The material we we can handle with:

Metal:Stainless Steel ,Aluminium, Brass,Bronze, Copper,Steel,etc.


If you are looking for an experienced cnc machine shop specialized and focused on precision aluminum lathe turning,YIQE Automation would be the right one to choose. We offer superior quality precision aluminum machined parts at competitive prices as well as reliable, on-time deliveries and personalized customer service.

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