Custom Precision Plastic CNC Turnning Machining Parts

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custom precision plastic cnc turning machining parts

YIQE Automation is a full service machine shop focus on providing our customers with a diverse range of precision CNC turning and milling machining services to support their part production.Our overall mission is to provide our customers with convenience, efficiency, and the cost effective solutions with using a single vendor. We are striving to deliver each piece of our precision plastic machining parts with quality, service, delivery, and best price possible.

At YIQE Automation we provide the highest value plastic and metal machining possible to our clients. All the precision parts are made exactly to the blueprint or customer’s requirements with high accuracy.With our skilled staff of machinists we have produced many unique components for the aerospace, fiber optics, and various OEM industries. We may be small, but our size affords us rapid RFQ response, short lead times and strong relationships with our suppliers.

We can machine a vast array of materials,including

Aluminum (6061, 2024, 2011, 7075)


Brass (353, 360)

Plastics (PEEK, Delrin®, PVC, Nylon)

Carbon steel (1117, 1045, 1215, 1144)

Stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 17-4)

To give you more complete parts and components that require less additional processing on your end, we can also provide numerous specialty finishes, including:

Zinc plating

Chrome plating

Nickel plating




and more

Let YIQE Automation solve your outsourcing & vendor issues with our contract manufacturing expertise. We understand what it takes to manufacture precision plastic CNC machined parts that meet quality, delivery & price standards so that you don't lose control of your production schedule.


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