Custom Precision Small Cnc Turned Parts Components

YIQE Automation offers the high quality custom precision small cnc turned parts components. We are one of the leading China manufacturers specialized in providing high precision Precision Small Cnc Turned Parts services. Welcome to get the quality products from our factory. The customized Precision Small Cnc Turned Parts service is also available.

Product Details

custom precision small cnc turned parts components

We are an precision CNC machining company specializing in the precision metal parts turning machining – CNC turned parts of various material to customer specifications. Here,your parts can be Turned or Milled as well as Routed and Fabricated. Welding, Polishing and Assembly are just value-added service.


CNC Turning



CNC Milling



CNC Stamping



Drawing Format


Test Equipment

measurement instrument ,CMM Thread Gages ,Calipers.Pin Gauge etc.

Material Available:  


AL6061,AL6063,AL6082,AL7075,AL5052 etc.

Stainless Steel

201SS,301SS,304SS,316SS etc.


steel,carbon steel,M3,4340,20#,45# ,40Cr,20Cr ,etc


C51000, C52100, C54400,C11000,C12000,C36000 ,etc


C36000 , C37700 , C38500, C27200, C28000 , etc

With our CNC milling, CNC turning, screw machining and contract assembly services, we are able to be the complete one stop machining source for all your CNC turned parts needs. We aim to provide the best experience possible for each client through our extensive CNC milling and turning services.We believe in building strong brands in International markets and will offer you extremely competitive prices, marketing support and flexible terms to help achieve this goal with you.


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