Precision Mechanical Engeering Machining Service

We are one of the leading China manufacturers specialized in providing high precision Mechanical Engeering Machining services. Welcome to get the quality products from our factory. The customized Mechanical Engeering Machining service is also available.

Product Details

 YIQE Automation specializes in providing precision CNC machining services, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and up to 4-axis machining capabilities. Since foundation in 2005,we have provided customized,high accuracy and cost-effective mechanical engineering machining services for our customers to meet up with their needs.We have the ability to produce superior quality machined parts for different industries and applications.

MaterialAluminum,aluminum alloy,steel,Stainless steel,Iron,titanium alloy,copper,brass,phosphor bronze,engineering plastic such as POM,ABS,PEEK,PVC,etc.
Surface treatmentAnodizing,chrome plating,plating,polishing,galvanized,electroplating,passivation,powder coating and painting,etc.
Tolerance+/-0.01mm for metal ; +/-0.02mm for plastic 
Main processCNC Machining,turning,lathe,milling,drilling,grinding,boring,stamping,EDM,laser cutting

Pls feel free to contact us on precision CNC mechanical machining for your parts and components.We will try to find a good machining solutions to reduce your contract manufacturing component costs as much as possible.All the inquiries will be responed within 48 hours.