Precision Steel Sheet Custom Metal Fabrication Parts

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China precision steel sheet custom metal fabrication parts

Here, in YIQE Automation, we can provide Sheet metal fabrication services from sheet metal stamping, bending, welding to assembly. The custom metal fabrication parts we produced are extremely accurate and consistently on time in both low- and high-volume production runs. The high-quality and high precision sheet metal parts produced by us are the key to set us above the competition.

We can handle precise specifications and demanding tolerances to produce custom machined components that meet required accuracy from prototype to production. Any type of electronic file is acceptable for our sheet metal processing,our custom sheet metal parts and components are widely used to many different industries. With an outstanding range of capabilities, we are able to fabricate parts of all shapes and sizes. Examples of our sheet metal fabrications include chassis, welding frames and other flat and formed sheet metal parts.

Custom sheet metal fabrication

Anodizing                  Bending

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Folding                       Forming

Laser Cutting               Painting

Plating                        Powder Coating

Punching                      Shearing



Alloy                  Aluminum

Brass                  Bronze

Carbon Steel     Copper

Sheet Metal       Stainless Steel

Steel                   Steel Plate

Structural Steel

Additional Services Provided

TIG Welding            Machining

Countersinking        Plating

RivetingPainting     Silk Screening

Heat Treating          Standoffs

Pem Nuts                Polishing

Marking                  Passivating

Powder Coating      Assembly

We offer help and advice to customers regarding to their custom steel sheet custom metal fabrication products. Our Skilled technicians and professionals are available for instant communication and will try to send the best and cost effective solution to you. Pls contact us from more information.


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